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Create work habits that accelerate your business goals

GWork helps your teams adopt the right behaviors to improve their – and your company’s – performance.

I will share an update on
my current projects after our weekly meeting

GWork categorically changed our business

“We increased proactive feedback and communication by 43% in the last 6 months.”

Maritha Erasmus

Director at MTS

A culture of ongoing constructive conversations

“GWork made it easy to manage productivity and performance.

Thato Mmaditla

HR Executive at YES

Increased team performance

"Highly recommend for increasing team performance.

Theodore Moulos

CEO at Growth Rocks

GWork eliminates the costly problems
that come from inefficient work habits:


Turn your business goals
into high performance work habits

GWork enhances performance and culture through simple Habit Recipes.

Our tailored research-backed technology offers clear, actionable habits that seamlessly integrate into daily routines. GWork measures progress while ensuring essential behaviors are consistently practiced by your teams.

Our simple formula for building the right habits

We help you tackle areas for improvement in your business and address specific growth challenges, with personalized actions that have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Define key areas

for improvement

Easily curate the behaviors that move the needle for your business.

Answer questions

to find the right habits

GWork guides you through personal, peer, and managerial reviews.

Personalise your 
habit integration

Instil positive behavior change with personalized, bite-sized actions.

Suitable for key roles and responsibilities

Sarah’s team members were hesitant to share ideas or concerns with her. Her lowest scored area was Teamwork & Collaboration.

Sarah started sharing brief updates on her projects and integrated this habit into her routine by leveraging her meetings and workflows.

She set a reminder to prepare updates before meetings. This led to improved team dynamics and increased trust.

Build habits that help
you achieve your goals

We have the perfect habits you can implement
to improve these challenges in your
organization. Discover your areas for
improvement below.

What is your organization's biggest challenge?
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believe need the most work?
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Performance-boosting features

Habit Recipes, performance tracking and behavioral prompting delivered directly to your calendar

Scheduling & reminders

Stay motivated & on track with reminders that easily integrate with your calendar.

Team progress & performance tracking

Get an overview of your teams’ progress & provide support where needed.

Powerful habit stacking

Leverage current meetings/tasks and workflows to stack habits and ensure successful habit adoption.

Effective behavior change

Build multiple curated habits to more effectively drive behavior change.

Suitable for all roles and responsibilities

Tailored for your teams

GWork is designed for companies with growth ambitions reliant on aligning or improving their workforce’s actions
and outputs.

GWork is designed for companies with growth ambitions reliant on aligning or improving their workforce’s actions and outputs.

Consulting & services teams

Elevate client outcomes with streamlined operations and
enhanced feedback mechanisms.

Creative & agile teams

Fuel innovation and agility in 
fast-paced environments, from startups to design studios.

Customer-centric teams

Empower teams to exceed in service excellence, from sales to support, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

You can give someone all the empowering feedback and inspiring pep talks in the world; if they don’t know how to meet your expectations, they’ll struggle to deliver.
That’s why we built GWork.
Oran Cohen
GWork founder

Who we are

At GWork, we're united by the conviction that targeted, small changes can unlock vast organizational and individual growth. Our expertise in organizational transformation, underpinned by years of behavioral science research, forms the backbone of our technology.

Built from consulting work with

Frequently asked questions

Habits are the small, consistent actions that shape our behavior over time.

When aligned with strategic objectives, these habits have the power to drive significant business outcomes. By fostering the right habits, organizations can ensure that their teams are not just busy but genuinely productive and working towards key goals.

Habits help to create a culture of excellence, where positive behaviors become ingrained in the daily routines of employees, ultimately leading to improved performance and goal achievement.

GWork habits are designed to be concise and impactful, taking just 5 minutes a day.

This minimizes disruption to daily routines while providing meaningful growth opportunities. GWork focuses on on-the-job learning, seamlessly integrating habit-building actions into your teams’ existing workflows.

Habit recipes can be directly scheduled and linked to an employee’s calendar, providing timely reminders and making it easy for teams to stay on track with their development goals.

Traditional solutions often fall short in driving lasting behavior change.

Performance reviews can be reduced to mere checkbox exercises, while coaching and training programs are often costly and difficult to scale. E-learning focuses on knowledge acquisition but lacks emphasis on practical application, and surveys may diagnose culture issues but fail to provide clear solutions.

GWork addresses these gaps by focusing on actionable habit formation directly linked to business goals. It goes beyond insights, ensuring tangible results through seamless integration into existing workflows. By emphasizing practical, on-the-job learning, GWork bridges the gap between knowledge and action, driving meaningful behavior change and outcomes at scale.

If your organization is experiencing a disconnect between strategic goals and employee behaviors, GWork can help bridge that gap. It’s especially valuable if you’re looking to enhance company culture, drive performance improvements, or navigate specific challenges such as:

  • Aligning remote or hybrid teams around common objectives
  • Accelerating onboarding and time-to-productivity for new hires
  • Developing leadership skills and succession planning
  • Fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth

GWork’s flexibility and adaptability make it a powerful tool for addressing these and other critical business needs.

By translating strategic objectives into daily habits, GWork fosters a culture of continuous improvement, leading to a more aligned, engaged, and productive workforce.

Companies that have implemented GWork have reported measurable improvements in key areas such as:

  • Goal attainment and productivity
  • Performance improvement
  • Employee motivation and engagement
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Employee retention and job satisfaction

While results may vary depending on the organization and its specific challenges, GWork’s consistent focus on positive habit formation has been shown to drive tangible business outcomes. By embedding these habits into the daily routines of your employees, you can expect to see a gradual but significant shift in your company’s culture and performance over time.

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