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Transform your culture. Grow your people.

Behavioural technology that puts people’s growth at the heart of company growth.
Born through consulting with

It’s really hard to support each team member when you don’t know what they need…

It’s challenging to know the strengths & weaknesses of all team members, all the time
Its difficult to define and build a culture that drives your goals
It’s extremely hard to trace how specific behaviours and elements of your culture are affecting performance and operations, and to know what to do about it.

Get the data-driven insights you need to constantly improve your team’s performance & culture

Measure & automate growth in your organisation

Join the future
of high-performing teams


Understand team performance

Set and track performance scores to drive employee behaviour toward your business objectives.


Use gamification to upskill employees effortlessly

Use team feedback to uncover the most urgent skill-deficiencies and address them through automated learning recommendations.


Keep everyone accountable and engaged

Get on top of what your team is prioritising, through daily digital check-ins.


Stay ahead of operational inefficiencies

Get to know about operational inefficiencies before they affect your business.

It’s easy to get started

Four simple steps to get up and running

What our customers say

proven process

We’ve worked long and hard to understand the secret to team productivity. Our process was developed over 15 years of combined consulting and research by organisational psychologists, anthropologists, game designers & behavioural specialists.

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