Build better teams

Unlock people performance analytics to improve team behaviors and establish a growth culture.

Born through consulting work with

Global known brands such as

Helping you face the challenge of managing remote teams

gwork enables distributed organizations to unlock the full value of their people

  • Get a bird’s eye view of your team’s performance​
  • Understand who needs extra guidance transitioning to remote work
  • Be able to recognise top performers and give praise
  • Allow employees to pick up on the skills they need most

Here's how it works


Integrate HR and Project Management tools into a single employee score


Use metrics to define and activate the culture of your organisation


Identify knowledge gaps in real-time and get course recommendations

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For Employees

Empower every employee with learning paths based on team feedback and build their confidence to thrive remotely

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For Managers

Understand what's really happening on the ground with data of and from your people that allow you to take swift actions

Take back control with a single view for all your people

A single dashboard that let's you see what's really going on

Scientifically Proven Process

Scientifically Proven Process

The secret to team productivity

Developed from over 15 years of combined consulting and research by organisational psychologists, anthropologists, game designers and behavioural specialists

What our customers say

Gwork has allowed us to keep our Growth culture strong as our team grows. It’s one of the main tools I would recommend to someone looking to increase their team’s performance.

Theodore Moulos,
Group CEO

Gwork Circle

Empower teams of any size to grow

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