YES North Star

What are the values that YES needs in order to achieve this goal?

I.e. without these values, YES could not deliver on its promise. Please type into the fields below. There is no character limit.

Now, identify the behaviours linked to each of these values?

Think of the aligned behaviours that you would expect to go with these values.  I.e. define the behaviours that people need to exhibit in your organisation in order to show you that they are living these values.

Add as many behaviours under each value as you like using the [+] button below.

Thinking of YES's goal as an organisation, what behaviours do you think are most lacking and missing at YES?
Beyond the organisation's values, are there any values that you feel are key to your department specifically?

Who in your eyes is an exemplary YES employee. Think about them for a moment.

What behaviours do you see them exhibit that make you feel they are exemplary?

Now, think about what values would you say are behind these behaviours?

I.e. why does this person behave this way?

How do you know if someone is not “YES” material?

What behaviours do they exhibit? What are the tell tale signs that they are not right for the organisation? What do they do?

What values would you say are underlying these behaviours?

In your opinion, what are the characteristics of an amazing workplace culture?

What would make YES the best place to work at for you?

Now, let's get specific. YES has done some previous thinking that has been listed below.

Please choose your top 4 values from the dropdown list below that you think are most important for YES to have.

Describe the behaviours that would best represent the chosen values above.

Feel free to add more behaviours per value by using the [+] sign to depict and describe the value in action.

Find an image online that would best represent each of these values and its behaviours. Then, upload it below.

Find an evocative and inspiring image to depict the value

Or share a link to the image below:

What feeling or emotion do you associate with each of these values that you have selected?

What would make YES the best place to work at for you?

Can you think of a specific work context at YES where you would like to see these values and their behaviours applied more often?

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