How do you know

... where your teams are at? ... how to unlock more of their value? ... what's preventing them from doing great work?

How do you know

..where your teams are at? to unlock their value? ..what's preventing great work?

Managing teams remotely is hard.

Task, time and screen tracking tools fail to help you truly understand whether employees are realising their full potential.

Managing teams remotely
Happy Connected

YOUR Modern-day office essential

Get intelligent about remote teams.

Use the intelligence of your people and their unique perspectives to grow and engage your teams.

Join the dots
between operational
effectiveness, ways
of work behavior
and consistent

Built on rigorous science and the latest research on driving remote team productivity and
organisational efficiency.

Full Setup of GWork

All you need for remote team management success:

Set your own performance scores and quantify them into simple user-friendly goals.

Map performance, learning gaps and organisational obstacles onto a single screen.

Run digital Check-ins daily and weekly to measure and drive true accountability.

Ovbserving Stats

     GWork helps you to:

  •  Drive high performance
     & continious learning
  •  Plan daily activities
  •  Measure team climate
     & culture
  •  Gain organizational

Empower your people to activate and celebrate culture from the bottom-up

Gamify and define employee development and career path progression

Uncover what's going on in your organisation and prioritise it according to your operational focuses

start inspiring

Stop micromanaging
and start inspiring outcomes

Elevate your leadership game with the ability to support, manage and enable your people from a distance.
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